Diamond Sharpening Steel

Diamond Sharpening Steel


Product description

You can rely on Zokura to bring you quality and this Diamond Steel Sharpener is absolutely no exception. With a stainless steel base, the sharpener is then coated with over 2 million industrial diamonds. The fine grit creates the ideal sharpening environment to realigns and maintain the edge of knives effortlessly and restore a dull blade back to it's optimal condition and sharpness. Features an ABS ergonomic and soft touch handle for ease of handling.

Package Contents:

Diamond Sharpening Steel– 1 Pc


Stainless steel base
Coated with industrial diamonds
30cm long

Data sheet:

Package quantity 1 Piece
Material Stainless steel coated with industrial diamonds
Dishwasher Safe No. Only hand wash
Warranty 2 Years

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