6 Piece Knife Set

6 Piece Knife Set


Product description

Ingenious, effective and still the perfect time saving solution to the everyday problem of blunt knives. High quality non stick coating stainless steel blade, with laser cut serrated edge that never needs sharpening. Contemporary ergonomically designed handle with a soft touch area for extra control and grip.

Package Contents:

Chef knife 20 cm - 1 Pc
Slicing knife 20 cm - 1 Pc
Bread knife 20 cm - 1 Pc
All Purpose Knife 12,5 cm- 1 Pc
Paring Knife 9 cm- 1 Pc
Black Knife Block - 1 Pc


Provides a full range of knives for everyday cooking
Forged blades made from non stick coating stainless steel
Ergonomic handles designed to maximize comfort while making precise cuts

Data sheet:

Package quantity 6 Piece
Material Stainless steel with anti adhesive coating
Dishwasher Safe Yes. Top-rack dishwasher safe
Warranty 2 Years

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