24 Piece BBQ Tools

24 Piece BBQ Tools


Product description

Passionate about grilled dishes? Then you have come the right place!

The set of grill utensils, offers the essential and necessary tools for preparing tasty grilled dishes.

Made of stainless steel, the utensils are durable and ideal for frequent use, because they do not deteriorate easily, and when not in use, they look well organized in their practic storage case.

Either you give it to yourself as a gift, or you want to make a friend happy this set proves its usefulness every time it is used.

Handwash only.

Package contains:

Spice bottles  - 2pc
Digital meat thermometer  - 1pc
Gas lighter  - 1pc
Stainless steel BBQ slotted turner  - 1pc
Stainless steel BBQ fork  - 1pc
Stainless steel BBQ tongs  - 1pc
Stainless steel BBQ knife  - 1pc
Stainless steel and silicone basting brush - 1pc
Stainless steel BBQ wire  brush  - 1pc
Textile BBQ mitt  - 1pc
Stainless steel stake knives  - 4pc
Stainless steel  forks  - 4pc
Stainless steel  skewers - 4pc
Aluminium and plastic storage case - 1pc


Aluminium and plastic storage case
The heavy-duty barbecue tools are made of stainless steel
Built for strength and durability
Built-in hooks for hanging
Utensils fit securely inside storage case

Data sheet:

Package quantity 24 Pieces
Material Inox 18/10
Dishwasher Safe No
Warranty 2 Years

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